Thornhill Galleries – UK’s largest collection of antique fireplaces

Thornhill Galleries can help you move your antique fireplace from one house to another but can also provide bespoke fireplaces, antique fireplace fire baskets, wooden fireplaces and antique mantels. With a complete installation service for the antique fireplaces delivered, Thornhill Galleries guarantees the best build quality and final products that can rival with any other leading antique fireplace supplier in the world.

Thornhill Galleries regularly works with interior designers, architects and private clients in the UK and throughout the world, supplying some of the most prestigious wooden fireplaces, antique fireplaces to the most discerning clients. Over the years, Thornhill Galleries has earned a valued reputation for quality and customer service which we hope you will take advantage of should you want to add a fireplace to your home.

With over 130 years in the business, Thornhill Galleries holds one of the largest collections of wooden fireplaces and fireplace accessories in England. Through our extensive network of suppliers across the UK and Europe, we regularly source some of the best wooden fireplaces and our stock of several hundred pieces includes a large selection of approximately 350 superb quality marble, wood and stone period fireplaces, together with an increasingly expanding collection of high quality reproduction pieces, all of which are view-able online and at our showroom.

Thornhill Galleries is one of the best antique fireplace supplier in the United Kingdom. They have a vast experience in delivering bespoke antique marble fireplaces, but can also work with stone and wooden fireplaces. Do you already own an antique fireplace but are in need of fireplace accessories? Have no worries because Thornhill Galleries can provide you with bespoke club fenders, antique fire grates, antique fire dogs, antique firebaskets, wooden fireplaces and anything really that is related to antique fireplaces.

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