Pullman Interiors

Pullman Interiors offers kitchen and bedroom wardrobes that are customer made to each client’s unique preferred design.

Regardless of your style they will manufacture kitchen wardrobes that will suit you offering both contemporary or traditional feel. You can have unique color combinations to your wardrobes to get a striking feature or you can chose colors that blend in and get a neutral elegance, they have the experience and are talented enough to deliver.

What they do best and probably their best ability is to offer the straightforward and simple wardrobe that will make the most of your storage capacity. At the same time they can listen and produce effectively a wardrobe where you provide the solutions and ideas, making it a bespoke wardrobe.

This company takes pride in the high quality kitchen wardrobes they install and at the core of their product quality are the Pullman kitchen systems and board panel materials they choose to use for the interior and exterior. These are the most important part of the superb look and reliability of their wardrobes. By using top quality materials the kitchens are of superior quality and performance that is built to last for years of intensive use.


There is a large choice of colors available that enables them to generate all different types of quality kitchen design options you can imagine. All final products are manufactured and install individually to customers for their home. They are managed in an efficient and professional manner with full consideration and focus on the customer need.

Pullman kitchens