Pullman Interiors

Pullman Interiors offers kitchen and bedroom wardrobes that are customer made to each client’s unique preferred design.

Regardless of your style they will manufacture kitchen wardrobes that will suit you offering both contemporary or traditional feel. You can have unique color combinations to your wardrobes to get a striking feature or you can chose colors that blend in and get a neutral elegance, they have the experience and are talented enough to deliver.

What they do best and probably their best ability is to offer the straightforward and simple wardrobe that will make the most of your storage capacity. At the same time they can listen and produce effectively a wardrobe where you provide the solutions and ideas, making it a bespoke wardrobe.

This company takes pride in the high quality kitchen wardrobes they install and at the core of their product quality are the Pullman kitchen systems and board panel materials they choose to use for the interior and exterior. These are the most important part of the superb look and reliability of their wardrobes. By using top quality materials the kitchens are of superior quality and performance that is built to last for years of intensive use.


There is a large choice of colors available that enables them to generate all different types of quality kitchen design options you can imagine. All final products are manufactured and install individually to customers for their home. They are managed in an efficient and professional manner with full consideration and focus on the customer need.

Pullman kitchens

The relaxing space in your living room

Have you ever wonder what is missing from your living room? You have your sofa, your coffee table, your TV sitting on an elegant TV stand or hanging on the wall, a display cabinet or a bookcase and maybe even a mini bar. Yet you feel like something is missing, what could it be? Maybe a corner in the room where you can read a book, meditate or simply hide for a half an hour before plunging into a family reunion or another work week.

While the living room is often the place where you sit with family and friends, I believe there should also be a spot there just for you, a place in the living room for you to ease your eyes and your mind, a little corner of yours, in front of the window or near the fireplace where you can rest and recharge.  Because at least every once in a while, each of us needs to repose. And creating such as space in your living room is not difficult, all it takes is a comfortable lounge chair, with a comfortable high backrest, for you to sit comfortably.

Make some room for you to place a lounge chair in your living room and enjoy having your coffee there, grab a book and relax reading or just sit there for a couple of minutes, starring out the window or with your eyes shut, for a quiet moment before a long day, or at the end of a long day. Short reposes help you recharge and disconnect.

Here are some examples of a living room lounge chair for you to find inspiration:

Lounge Chair for Living room

white lounge chair living room

As you can see, it doesn’t matter the style of your living room or the design of the furniture, anyone can find the perfect, comfortable lounge chair and create that personal and relaxing spot that every one of us needs.

Traditional or modern, shabby chic or industrial, minimalist or country, whatever the design and the way your living area is decorated, it is easy to find a suitable chair to fit in, browse through these lounge chairs from Furniture in Fashion, as it is one of the largest furniture retailers in UK and you can definitely find the piece which best blends in with your decor.

Whether you have already furnished your living room or are just getting started at it, do consider the importance of having a little relaxing corner in it. Because when we think about the living room area, we generally imagine the space we share with others, be them family or friends, yet it also should be a place for us alone, one should always be considerate about himself or herself, not only about are loved ones. And this is where the personal corner with an amazingly comfortable lounge chair comes in. Find the best one for you at Furniture in Fashion and offer yourself a personal corner for repose, where you can admire the view outside, drink your coffee or read a book.

This corner can be the place where you start off a new day, or the repose area after a long week.

Solid Oak furniture – an investment of a lifetime

Not many materials have the charm and strength oak wood has. Being used from the 9th century for making ships, it’s no wonder the resistance of solid oak cannot be questioned.

Furniture crafted out of this material will prove its durability and will prove to be a good long time investment. Being more than just resilient, solid oak furniture has an elegant aspect due to its beautiful grain that will turn the aesthetic of a living space into a majestic one.

So what are the main reasons to purchase solid oak furniture?

First, it is a vigorous wood that will last for decades. Second, due to its durability, it will maintain a beautiful aspect and will always provide a warm and cozy look to your living space. Third, the maintenance for solid oak requests owners to polish it just twice a year and it can be easily cleaned with wood products that are accessible to anyone. Another reason is that the wood’s natural fairness and oak’s grains give the furniture a beautiful appearance that is not easy to match. Last but not least, furnishing crafted from solid oak will never go out of style as it has a classic aspect that can hardly wither away.

Where to buy solid oak furniture from?

There is quite a variety of places you can buy solid oak furniture from, there are companies who craft it and have their stores, from specialized furniture stores and for those who lack the time to go and visit such places you can always go online and search for the best supplier that provides you with what you need.

One of the online shops that I recommend is Required Goods, who sells a great selection of furnishing among which you can find many examples of solid oak furniture to fit your home space or office space and give you that genuine look only natural wood can provide.

From the diversity of pieces one can discover furniture for bedroom, starting with bedsteads, night stands, chest drawers and wardrobes. Among the dining room furnishing there are different models of tables, cabinets, bookcases, chairs and many more. Also, for every room in your home you can find beautifully crafted furniture objects, all made out of solid oak that can each enhance the appearance of the place it’s in with a classical and never outdated aura.

Solid oak is an amazing choice for an office place, whether it is at your home or at the company. Due to its definite design, solid oak furniture compliments the room’s aesthetic. If you want a wall full of books and you want to make sure it will resist under the weight than solid oak bookcases are the best choice as you can count on this wood’s durability. Nothing says elegance as natural wood furnishing at the work place does and not many materials have the aspect solid oak has.

No matter the place you want to furnish, be it home or office, solid oak a long lasting solution that is worth every penny of the investment. If you want a sturdy, easy to maintain and classical type of furniture than the best option for you is solid oak furniture. Proven to maintain its aspect over the years, items made out of solid oak will stand strong and refined over the years, proving owners it purchasing it they have made the decision of a lifetime.

Fitted Wardrobes Installation

Fitted Wardrobes Installation
It is important to hire a specialist wardrobe designer and fitter when it comes to installing a fitted sliding wardrobe. They will properly explore the appropriateness of your chosen location and will take that professional look at what space is available. The fitted wardrobe expert will examine the number and type of storage options available, will compare to a selection of wardrobe gallery items and will complement the look and feel of your existing bedroom.
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Capital Bedrooms – fitted wardrobes


Capital Bedrooms is a fitted wardrobes and furniture supplier from London that grew as a business the same way any successful business grows when the people behind it are professional and deliver on their promises. Quality fitted furniture is the main philosophy surrounding this company and this can be easily noticed just by looking at the business numbers over the past couple of years.

Capital Bedrooms is a fitted bedrooms and kitchens supplier with all its manufacturing facilities being based in London. With an on-going special approach this company promises to deliver and fit your product in fourteen days with an amazing ten year guarantee. There are not many companies that can say the same things and also deliver on what they say and that is why Capital Bedrooms is the same quality fitted furniture supplier that was the days this company was first founded.



Hartley Bedrooms


This is one of Craven’s most reputable business that has flourished ever since it has been by founder Richard Hartley back in the eighties. Located on the Snaygill industrial estate in Skipton, their small manufacturing unit and showroom is now able to rival with national and international names in the business for unmatched customer service and unrivaled product quality. With a substantial range of finishes and various designs, they are also able to add something that big names in the business don’t really have the ability to bring, and that’s a personal touch. The production team is formed from professionals with decades of experience in the industry that are dedicated to offer high level services so the customer experience from the first contact in the furniture showroom in Skipton all the way through the completing and installing the final product in your home will be complete.

One advantage of working with Hartley Bedrooms is that you get to pick every element of the room from functionality to style and all the way through the budged so the final order will be made to measure uniquely to you.


Verve Fitted Bedrooms


Their Philosophy

Verve Fitted Bedrooms have an interesting business philosophy in the way that their belief is to provide personalized first class service to every single customer. They have the care and attention of a small company but the production facilities and capacity of a large company.  With an friendly team that helped them thrive over the years they share the same passion for delivering outstanding service all the time.

They take pride in their independence as a company and own one of the few widest selections of finishes and styles in the industry. All team members have been with the company since the very beginnings and their accumulated knowledge and build experience is unmatched in the ability of delivering flawless bespoke fitted bedroom designs.

What You Can Expect From Verve Fitted Bedrooms

You can trust that they will deliver the exceptional quality they are promising combined with outstanding workmanship for every product every time.

The prices are transparent with no inflated price lists and hidden fees for making discounts looking attractive. The price that you get in your quote will be the price that you pay at the end and the prices are low because they keep their overheads low.

They will not put pressure on you with sales call and they don’t work with call centers. They are honest working people who offer honest advice and impartial designs. All quotes are no obligation and quotes are sent to everyone who enquiries with them.

One interesting point is that they have several financing options to make sure that everyone can take advantage of their exclusive service.


Kent Wardrobes


Kent Wardrobes take pride in their design work as they strive to maximize every space possible and provide customers outstanding wardrobes.

All wardrobes that they are producing are made-to-measure with no standard size doors or shelves and rails. They don’t have standard measures because they believe there are no standard size rooms. Everything is built uniquely for each customer right down to the nearest millimeter which leaves a big rooms for imagination, design without compromise is what they call it.

Every piece is handcrafted to each client’s particular requirement and the best part is that they give a free home visit for ideas and advices and a free tri-dimensional design. They offer ten year guarantee and have a wide range of finishes while the production facility is based in Maidstone Kent covering a fifty miles radius.

They are able to build wardrobes between a chimney breast and a wall, or wardrobes on an angle, there are almost no limits.

Also part of their belief is offering the best value for money in the bespoke furniture marketplace with high quality solutions. A reason to choose fitted furniture is because it manages to make use of all available space in an optimal way and while it does cost a bit more that taken off-the-shelf it can make a significant difference to the value it brings to your home and ultimately making is a more pleasurable place to live your life in.Kent

Metro Wardrobes


Metro Wardrobes is a family run business organized as a small group of experienced professionals with a collective purpose of providing out of the box and economical solutions to everyday storage problems in people’s homes. Slowly but surely they are emerging as one of the leading custom fitted furniture companies in Britain, growth has is being supported by their quality finish and proper customer service.

One thing they are doing very well is they make the customer really feel they are focused on them because that is exactly what happens. Every action they take from the early discussions of the design step to the final installation sequence is catered to make the customer feel relaxed and happy.

They limit in offering customer only what they need without trying to oversell anything that they may have in stock at that time and they understand the financial climate so they strive to keep the designs and services economical without cutting corners in the quality department.

They current offer includes wide varieties of styles such as contemporary, country, casual, modern, traditional, luxurious and comfortable so every taste and desire you and your family may have will be suited.Metro